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Welcome to Military MultiSport!

Military MultiSport is the physical training wing of American Defence, owned and operated by special operations team leader and human performance expert, Nate Morrison. Coach Morrison is internationally renowned as the leader in military human performance and is a consultant to some of the world's top coaching associations. Coach Morrison is the founder of the Morrison Military Physical Training System, a revolutionary system of training that blends world-class sports science with Russian natural health practices, professional sports training, and martial arts.

What is Military MultiSport?

Military MultiSport is professional military physical fitness training and competition. We call it Military MultiSport because military and tactical fitness is always multi-disciplinary. It always includes walking, ruck marching, running, swimming, body control, obstacle negotiation, strength & conditioning, and skills training. It is impossible to develop true military fitness by training only one domain. Because the public and the military have great difficulty in understanding this, we've adopted terminology that reflects this multi-discipline reality.

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Remote Coaching

Remote online coaching for exclusive clients worldwide. Positions are extremely limited. Some restrictions apply.

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Private Consulting

Expert consulting to take your organization or yourself to the next level. 100% private and secure.  

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Coaching Internship

A highly unique opportunity to take your coaching to the next level. A certification resource for trainers & coaches.

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Private Coaching

Do you live in Northern New England and require a more personal or discrete approach to health and fitness?

Get 1-on-1 coaching & consulting with Coach Morrison for superior results. 

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MMS Training in Vermont's NEK

Available at LaClair Academy in Lyndonville, VT

Russian Functional Health & Fitness

Traditional Russian natural health, movement, and fitness methods to develop true functional fitness in a fun, safe environment.

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Military Fitness & MultiSport

World-Class military physical fitness training for military recruits, current service members, and special operations candidates. 

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MMA & Combative Conditioning

A perfect blend of strength, stamina, and skills training to take your performance to the next level in any fight sport. No experience necessary.

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